SSE COSHH Database Development

During 2016, and ongoing in 2017 EOA Systems has modified the SSE COSHH Assessment to include their corporate health and safety risk rating, and has provided assistance to SSE Fiddlers Ferry with the population of their COSHH database, cross-referencing and verifying substances used within the various teams on site, sourcing up to date material safety data sheets from manufacturers and suppliers, and inputting essential data to enable comprehensive reporting by way of detailed risk assessments.

UK Tram Website Development

UK Tram was established to enable key stakeholders in the UK Tramway industry to present a ‘single voice’ in dealing with government and statutory bodies in developing a co-ordinated and structured approach to regulation, procurement and standardisation within the industry.

We have consulted with this client to create a new, dynamic website, producing a vibrant interface to explain their role within the industry, promote their knowledge and expertise, and provide information for prospective purchasers of tram and light rail systems. The website incorporates a documentation database, and a secure members’ area with discussion forum and message board facility, as well as a link to their award-winning TAIR accident reporting system, developed by EOA Systems.

By liaising with a third party web design company, we have developed ideas and suggested alternative ways of presenting information to achieve the aims of the client’s brief, whilst also enabling them to create and update their website content independently in the future.

SOHM Upgrade

We have a new, more user-friendly interface including new assessments for allergens, hand-arm vibration and musculo-skeletal conditions.  We have also added a new self-assessment section as well as certificates of fitness.


Our web-based program can be hosted on the client’s own intranet, although we are happy to host the programs on our server which removes any client internal IT support requirement.  Another option is for us to temporarily host the program whilst it is being commissioned, and then transfer hosting when the client is ready.