Safety Organiser Training Booking System

An enhancement has been developed for the employee training module whereby forthcoming training courses can be published for Safety Organiser users via the home page.

Courses are chosen from the database and made specific for the location and number of places available. Users can browse the courses that will be available local to them and view associated documents. They can register interest in the course or request their manager books them on it.

The program can either use the populated employee file to register delegates for the course or manually add the individual. The booking process records the line manager and delegate contact details.

Reminder emails are sent just prior to the course.

Once the course has been completed the program administrator can record whether each delegate attended and the reason for non-attendance if they were not present. The training record can be posted into the file where the system employee file is populated. Reports can be run to analyse attendance and reason for non-attendance by employee and line manager.