Occupational Health (SOHM)

SOHM is an integrated Occupational Health management program to record and analyse occupational health records. It includes an employee database with facility to log and review medical recall dates, pre-employment medicals, sickness reporting, health screens, immunisations, audiometry, lifestyle screening, and it has user defined questionnaires. Each record is referenced by an employee’s ID and the date/time when it was carried out.

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Employee Database

Each employee has an individual record with details of address, work location and contact details, emergency contact, GP address, significant medical conditions and 10 user-definable Yes/No field. Current and ex-employees can be viewed separately.

Pre-Employment Medicals

This provides initial medical history for the employee including any major allergies, medical conditions, smoking and alcohol consumption plus findings from a medical examination

Daily Attendance

All visits to the Occupational Health department are entered via a daily attendance system. This provides a simple system for viewing all the visits to the department for that working day. At the end of the shift or working day the entries can be posted to the employee record. The daily attendance system has a section to record essential details of accidents. Graphical analysis of accidents can be produced quickly and easily. As well as recording data for employees it is possible to store entries for visitors and contractors.  The person’s historical records can be viewed from the daily attendance screen. Their general health notes and smoking history are also available.

Sickness Absence

A complete history of sickness absence can be recorded for each employee. The occupational health reporting will provide listings of those still off sick, those who have been off work for more than a specified number of days and those who have been off work more than a certain number of times. These reports can be by department or for the whole organisation.

Health Screens

A full occupational health screen includes urinalysis, lung function tests, blood pressure measurements, weight measurements, cholesterol and audiometry. It is also possible to record any one of these functions and, in the case of blood pressure, weight measurement and cholesterol, produce a graph of the results over a period.

Lifestyle Screening

This section of SOHM covers a person’s health and lifestyle including body mass index, resting heart rate, cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise and diet. The program has been preloaded with text that is placed in a report depending on the results for each section. For instance, someone with a low pulse rate for their age will generate different text to a person with a pulse rate that is high for their age. The occupational health software generates a report for the person being screened with an initial page of results followed by comments for each section.

Checking blood pressure of female patientDoctor Monitoring The Heart-Rate Of Patient On A Treadmill

Recall Dates

SOHM has a comprehensive system for recording recall dates for all the main sections of the program. In a single screen you can view all the recall dates for an individual including the previous recall date and, for immunisations, the stage in the course.

User Definable Questionnaires

The user-defined questionnaires provide great flexibility as the user can specify their own questionnaire documents. Examples are assessments for catering, driving or night working. Each questionnaire can have up to 50 questions plus 10 memo responses and 10 number responses.

Training Records

Details of courses and employees who attend can be added to the database. When saved, details will be transferred to individual employee training records.

 Occupational Health Reporting

Medical Records folders.PulseTrace7459169XSmallMedicalQuestionnaire17415806XSmallNursing Instructor20734810XSmall
Analysis reports can be produced from each section of the program including:-

  • Listing of employees who have been off sick for a total of 10 or more days during the last 6 months
  • Listing of employees due for a lung function test
  • Graph of attendance records by reason for visit
  • Graph of accidents by part of body affected