Safety Organiser for Windows

Dumping of wheat grainsSiteSafetyNotice21555889XSmallPetrochemical industry inspectorSafety Organiser for Windows is a complete Health and Safety Management program consisting of five integrating modules for:-

Risk Assessment          COSHH/Material Safety Data Sheets      Accident Reporting

Health & Safety Auditing            Permit to Work

The modular structure of the program is designed to be as flexible as possible for the user. Modules can be purchased separately or as a total package.

An Employee Database is included in the purchase of the program – either the total package or an individual module, the features of which include:-

Personal details            – Issues of Personal Protective Equipment – Training records – Recall dates – Competencies

Program Integration

The five modules (COSHH, Risk Assessment, Accident Reporting, Audit and Permit to Work) integrate through a common employee database and shared reference files for sites, locations and groups of people in the workplace.

Task/area risk assessments can cross-reference all the other related assessments in the program, including other task/area risk assessments.

Accident reports can cross-reference task/area risk assessments.

These features all contribute to providing an integrated Health and Safety Management system.


The reporting facility has been designed to provide all the information and analysis needed to implement a successful Health & Safety management system whilst being simple to use.

Text file outputs are available for assessments and material safety data sheets so that they can be sent by email.

Network Capabilities

The programs are available as single user or multi-user network versions. Licensing for the multi-user program is based on numbers of concurrent users. Programs can also be configured to run on Citrix thin client systems.

The software has a comprehensive security system that allows a program administrator to set an access profile for each user. Users can be assigned ‘Read’, ‘Write’ or ‘No’ access to each module in the program. The reference pick list files can also be protected.

Users can only work on their own documents, thus preventing the risk of one user altering the work of another person.

The program has an electronic signature facility for authorising health and safety assessments. It also includes an audit trail ‘Activity Log’ file that keeps a record whenever a document is started, unlocked, authorised, deleted or printed. This allows program administrators to keep a log of activity within the software.


Safety Organiser includes an archive file. This automatically keeps a copy of deleted assessments and the user can make copies of assessments prior to review. The software prompts the user to make an archive copy when any assessment is unlocked.