Environmental Module


To assist you in maintaining a thorough environmental health & safety software management system, including monitoring reports, we offer this easy-to-use module, complete with follow-up procedures.

The environmental management software module is a suite of environmental monitoring reports to aid regulatory compliance and it contains sections for:-

  • Aspects/Impacts Register
  • Legislation Register
  • Environmental Incidents
  • Environmental Improvements
  • Environmental Action Tracker

Aspects/Impacts Register

A register of environmental aspects and impacts can be assembled for the organisation. An environmental aspect may be ‘Business travel and use of fuel’. Environmental impacts will include ‘Contribution to the greenhouse effect’, ‘Local air quality’, ‘Noise’ and ‘Ozone depletion’. A score is calculated per aspect taking account of the environmental assessment, business risk and likelihood.


Legislation Register

All the environmental legislation that applies to the organisation can be listed by category and cross-referenced to the aspects/impacts, producing a comprehensive environmental compliance audit report.

Environmental Incidents

Incidents with an environmental impact such as leakage of fluid from a vehicle can be recorded. Details of the incident with a severity category are logged and can be cross-referenced to the aspects/impacts register, thus creating a useful monitoring tool.

Actions can be added for the incident that flow into the environmental action tracker.

Environmental Improvements

An example of an environmental improvement could be storage of energy when demand is low and making it available at peak times. The environmental audit module will record details of the originator, type, area and category of improvement. The investigation and outcome can be notes and documents attached. The improvement cross-references the aspects/impacts register to provide an effective audit task.

Actions can be added for the improvement that flow into the environmental action tracker.


Environmental Action Tracker

Actions can be manually added to the tracker or supplied by the incidents and improvements sections. The action tracker can be filtered by type, target date and person responsible. Lists of outstanding actions can be emailed to the person responsible.  This process thus facilitates a thorough environmental compliance audit.


To provide your business with a user-friendly, easily-managed environmental software package, contact us today by telephone, email or online form to discuss your requirements.