Web Risk Assessment Module

This module includes task/area risk assessment with a series of additional assessments for:-

  • Confined Spaces
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Expectant/Nursing Mothers
  • Fire
  • First Aid
  • Lifting Operations
  • Manual Handling
  • Noise at Work
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment
  • Traffic Management
  • Working at Heights
  • Workplace
  • Work Related Upper Limb Disorder
  • Young Persons

Task / Area Risk Assessment

Risk assessments can be area or task based. Area risk assessments are used to record all the hazards in a work area, task risk assessments look in detail at the specific work activities and record the hazards for each activity.

Site, groups of people at risk and locations of task can be identified from pick lists. Hazards can be chosen from a reference list and assigned severity/likelihood values to develop a risk rating for each hazard. The hazard reference list can be set up with standard effects, controls and a risk rating that pre-populate the assessment. The assessor can adjust these as required.

The program calculates the maximum risk rating (Severity x Likelihood) for all hazards and uses this to calculate an overall risk rating for the assessment. The risk rating sets a status for the assessment. Once the hazards have been added with existing control measures they can be reviewed and further control measures specified, together with a residual risk rating. These form the basis for corrective actions that can be emailed to the person responsible for completing them and can be viewed through the home page Action Tracker. Scheduled emails can be sent to remind users of their outstanding actions.

The program administrator can set the definitions for Severity, Probability and Risk Rating with up to 8 definitions for each and 3 levels of assessment authorisation. Protective equipment can be selected from a library and added to the assessment together with the associated graphic symbols. The additional assessments can be cross-referenced to identify related assessments for the overall risk assessment. An authoriser can electronically sign off the risk assessment.

Safety Organiser has a selection of standard assessment report templates and we can design a document to suit specific requirements. These can include photographs, a sign-off sheet and a graphical summary of the hazards.

Additional Assessment

A series of optional questionnaire-based assessments guides you through the relevant regulations. At the end of each assessment the program analyses the responses to the questionnaire and makes comments or suggested corrective actions. The software can set up corrective actions. The program will calculate the percentage of non-conformances to the questionnaire thus allowing the user to compare one assessment with another. Corrective action steps can be set with target/actual completion dates and costs. Reports can keep track of actions due for completion and assessments due for authorisation or review.