Accident Reporting Module

Injured worker

Features of the Accident Reporting Module

Our accident reporting module can log accidents, incidents and near misses to provide a thorough health and safety at work management system.




Accident reports use a computer generated reference number that allows you to record the following details against the report:

  • Organisation section
  • Person reporting
  • Accident details
  • Injury details
  • Property damage/immediate actions
  • Investigation
  • Causes
  • Related documentation
  • Corrective actions

Separate input screens are available for Near Misses, Incidents and Accidents and the value of any loss or claim can also be recorded. Analysis reports for each site can be produced in a multiple site organisation to allow for close analysis of the data.


Listing reports and pie/bar charts are available to analyse the accident data and is available with a high degree of flexibility. Analysis reports include:-

  • Graph of accidents by month
  • A listing of employees still off sick
  • Analysis by age of injured person
  • Bar/pie charts of all drop-down fields
  • Month on month analysis of near misses/incidents/accidents

If you are looking for accident and incident management software, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you manage your accident, incident and near miss figures.