Windows COSHH Module

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Material Safety Data Sheets

16 point substance data sheets can be recorded which include EH40 components using the current values for Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs), PPE graphic symbols, Hazard Classification graphic symbols and Risk/Safety phrases.

Within the COSHH program there is a wide selection of printout options available, from complete 16 point safety data sheets to hazard summary sheets that can be displayed in the workplace.

The COSHH program can record where the substances are used or stored and reports can be produced to list all the substances that are expected to be present in that part of the workplace.

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COSHH Assessments

COSHH assessments can be substance or task based.
Site, groups of people at risk and locations for the assessment can be identified.
Information is extracted from the MSDS section to speed up the assessment.
A series of questions help the user to identify:

  • Hazards associated with the substances used
  • Harmful effects possible when using the substances
  • The chance of exposure occurring when the controls are in place

Assessment monitoring and occupational hygiene monitoring can be recorded. Employees at risk can be identified by considering the groups of people at risk and locations for the assessment. Risk and hazard ratings are calculated for the assessment taking account of the nature of the substances and effectiveness of the control measures.

Supplier Database

Address, contact names, emergency contact telephone numbers and approval details can be recorded. Reports can be produced to keep track of substances provided by suppliers. Supplier monitoring details can be logged.