In line with the International Standardisation Organisation’s standard for Occupational health and safety management systems (ISO45001), EOA Systems has recently produced a full and detailed Question Set to be incorporated within its Safety Organiser for Web software program as part of the Audit module. #ISO45001

As the ISO45001 introduction states:-

“The adoption of an OH&S management system is intended to enable an organization to provide safe and healthy workplaces, prevent work-related injury and ill health, and continually improve its OH&S performance.”

By including the EOA Systems Audit module and ISO45001 questions within your company’s health and safety management system you can help raise standards throughout industry and benefit from an additional level of compliance when audited.

Alternative PUWER Assessment

We have recently produced an alternative PUWER risk assessment that takes the key points from the regulations and displays them like hazards in a general risk assessment.  This makes it possible to set a risk rating and record control measures against each item in the regulations.  Actions can also be set up to feed into the Safety Organiser action tracker.


Risk Assessment Alternative Format

The majority of our users generate assessment risk ratings by looking at the severity and likelihood of injury from a hazard with the current controls in place then consider a residual risk if further controls were to be added.  We offer a number of assessment output layouts based around this method and the further controls form the basis of corrective actions.

Recently some of our clients have requested a format that produces a risk rating without any controls being in place then a residual rating once the controls are added.  We have configured an alternative assessment layout to accommodate this method.

Home Page Accident Data Dashboard

One of our customers uses Safety Organiser across a number of sites and wanted to display accident and incident performance on the home page of their program.  The charts below show combined Accidents/Incidents, Near Misses and Safety Observations for the user’s site. The figures are updated in real time in the program to show a breakdown by category.

Alternative COSHH Assessment

Our standard COSHH assessment draws information from the Substance database and asks a series of detailed questions regarding the hazards and controls in place. This has a facility to reference multiple substances used in the assessment. It is a comprehensive assessment, though, and some of our users require a shorter document.

We have therefore produced an alternative COSHH assessment for general industrial use of chemicals using a single substance per assessment. Information from the supplier data sheet is entered directly into the assessment document.

The assessment records the activity being covered, groups of people at risk, hazards from the chemical and specific health risks. Control measures including PPE requirements and storage procedures are included.

Assessments can be copied if a similar document is required elsewhere in the organisation or for a slightly different chemical.

Safety Organiser Training Booking System

An enhancement has been developed for the employee training module whereby forthcoming training courses can be published for Safety Organiser users via the home page.

Courses are chosen from the database and made specific for the location and number of places available. Users can browse the courses that will be available local to them and view associated documents. They can register interest in the course or request their manager books them on it.

The program can either use the populated employee file to register delegates for the course or manually add the individual. The booking process records the line manager and delegate contact details.

Reminder emails are sent just prior to the course.

Once the course has been completed the program administrator can record whether each delegate attended and the reason for non-attendance if they were not present. The training record can be posted into the file where the system employee file is populated. Reports can be run to analyse attendance and reason for non-attendance by employee and line manager.

Multi Language Risk Assessment

One of our installations includes sites in France, Norway and Sweden and they require the assessment section to be available in the local language within a single program. We have developed the login profile to be able to record the nationality of the user and display the risk assessment section in their own language. The database of hazards and PPE will display the translated values so the user can view assessments in their own language and produce the output reports with translated titles. A Swedish sample is shown below:-

Permit to Work Contractor Database

We have been upgrading the features of the contractor database within the permit to work module. It is now possible to upload documents for the contractor such as their H&S Policy and Employer Liability insurance certificate to be available when generating permits. Inducted contractor employees are added to a schedule for the contractor and only staff members whose induction training is within date can be selected for a permit.

We have also added facility whereby a URL link can be sent to a contractor so that they can update their own record and upload the latest copies of required documentation. Email notification of the update by the contractor is sent to the key users of the permit module of Safety Organiser.
PTW Screen Shot

Safety Conversations

We have recently completed a Safety Conversations module for a major customer in the Logistics industry. This is a behavioural safety facility designed to record safe and unsafe acts where multiple behaviours can be recorded and analysed. Each conversation includes selections for the area, task being carried out, names of the observer and person engaged, selection of the relevant behaviours and an action code. In 4 months the user has recorded more than 2000 conversations. This will be a major tool for helping behavioural safety and reducing accidents.